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Your Female Escorts Bangkok Favourite Client?

Female Escorts Bangkok
Female Escorts Bangkok

Female Escorts Bangkok

An escort is a real person. So you need to treat her well and be nice to her. Don’t feel superior or be intimated either. Just do what you think a courteous client would do. If you are not quite aware of the correct conduct while dealing with a female escort in Bangkok, learn them now.

Be on time or give a call if you will be late

It’s very important to respect the time of the hot Thai escort you’ve booked. If you are late, give Bangkok VIP Escorts agency a call and let them know that you’ll be late by how much time. This is a gesture that your escort would expect from you.

Also, make sure not to overstay even if you were late. For example, if you were supposed to date the girl for an hour from 7 pm to 8 pm and you’ve reached at 7:15 pm don’t stay till 8:15 pm. If you think that the girl has enjoyed her time with you ask her if she would want to spend more of her time – only if she says yes, then go for it. But pay her for that extra time.

Know what’s there in the menu beforehand and don’t digress from it

Female escorts in Bangkok often use code words, which normal people might not know. Normal people may not have any idea about the terms that they use like GFE, CIM, greek, PSE, and such others. Before you meet the escort of your choice, google these words so that you’re able to understand what they say to you.

Don’t discuss any sexual act in person

When you are in the company with one of the best Thai escort girls, don’t ever discuss with her anything about the sexual act. Just give time…try to know each other well. Only when you feel like that the girl is finding interest in you, kiss her or try being more comfortable. If the girl complies, then know that it is a green light! You can go ahead.

Treat her well

This is a very important thing that you need to keep in mind when you are meeting one of the hot exclusive escorts in Bangkok. Be nice to her and treat her just like a lady. Be respectful to her. Remember one thing – although she is an escort she is actually a real person. So, there is no need for you to feel superior or be intimidated either.

By knowing what & what not to do when dealing with your escort in Bangkok, you can be one of her favorite clients. So, keep these things in your mind whenever you are hiring the girl of your choice for satisfying your needs.

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