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Thai Escort Models at Bangkok VIP Escorts Agency

The following reviews are of our Thai escort models.  you can fine all our escorts here. What was it that made our customers so happy with their choice of escort.  Read the reviews, the reviews are from customers and tell you a little about the customer experience with our stunning Thai Escort models.

Stunning Thai Escorts Model
Thai Escorts models get great reviews

It is requested from all our customers that they submit a review.  Our stunning Thai Escort Models like no more than to see the comments from their customers.  Once your booking is complete and you said your fond farewell to your escort.  Maybe you have promised to book them again in the near future, do take a few minutes to write a review.  It can be as short or as long as you like.

What to Review

We would like to hear how your initial contact went, what was awkward, what was not.  Was your Thai Escort as described, did she match her pictures, she should.  What did you do during your meeting and how was the out come.  You can rate your escort between 0 and 5 stars.  A 5 star rating will please the Thai Escort, a low rating and she will be asking questions of herself.  If a Thai model gets a really low rating we at Bangkok VIP Escorts agency will be asking the questions.

Who to review

You should by all account be reviewing the Thai Escort.  You could review yourself and that can be entertaining for us, the model and for future customers.  But there is more than just assessing the Thai escort.  The review is about her, it is about how she plays her role.  But how did she respond to situations, did you take her to an expensive bar, or to a street vendor.  Was she overdress, underdressed or just perfect.  Did she lead the encounter of was she led.  Did your Thai escort meet all, some or none of your expectations.

Review where

You could also review where you were with your Thai escort.  Was the location as expected, was it expensive, was it as you planned.  Did the location satisfy your dream encounter with your Thai escort.  Location information is useful to know about, we are often asked by visitors what can be done in Bangkok?  We know some but not all location, so reviewing the location as part of your overall review would be useful to us, the escorts and our future customers.

When to review

The when in your review gives us a guide as to the season and the festivities that may have been taken place.  during the Songkran holidays for instance, getting wet is expected, but not so during the new year celebrations etc. where fireworks are more likely.  Useful information just adds to the content of the reviews.

The second part of the “When” is when to write the review, we would suggest as soon as possible after the appointment has been completed while everything is fresh in your mind.  You can give then a complete picture in the review you will submit.

Why Review

The reviews really serve 2 purposes, firstly to ensure the escort gives her best to you the client and secondly to ensure we at Bangkok VIP Escorts keep our standards as high as possible.  Your rating is so important to us.

Our Thai Escorts understand the need to please, why else would you hire their time.  The review gives them the chance to understands their clients better.  To be able to anticipate the desires of the client.  These reviews help our escorts to be at the top of their game.



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