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Bangkok VIP Escorts are waiting for your booking.  Not sure about which model to book.  Go to our home page or review the carousel on this page.  What to know when an escort is available? go to her home page and check out her calendar.  Or go the our escort availability page.  Do you wish to book an escorts to travel with you outside Bangkok? Please state that in the booking form.  We will make necessary arrangements to accommodate your adventure.  We will require travel cost to be paid in advance and any subsistence to be provided.  50% of the escort booking fee will be charged in advance for foreign travel.

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Note:  Please be aware there is a cancellation fee, if the Escort arrives and you change your mind then 1000 Baht is requested for the cancellation and travel costs.

A 20% deposit will be requested for all bookings.  The deposit will be requested through our Paypal account.  The deposit will be non refundable.  This is the cancellation fee should you wish to cancel after confirming the booking.  Bookings are only confirmed after the deposit has been paid. The balance due on the booking is payable within 10 minutes of the Escorts arrival to you.

Select your escort from the select Escort drop down list and complete all the fields.  The form will be sent to us.  We will respond very quickly to ensure your booking is completed quickly. If you arrived here from the Availability page or the model profile pages then some fields are already filled..  Please complete the remaining fields. 

You will be unable to book a model within 1 hour of submitting this form.  All bookings are made on the half hour. You will receive notification of confirmation and booking cost  A payment request for 20% will be sent to you from Paypal.  Upon payment of the deposit your booking be considered as firm.  The data you provide is used only to serve the booking you are making.

Wish to make a booking for hours outside of those available or for 12+ hours, please complete the form and add the additional information in free text field.  Please try to provide us with as much information as possible.   We will review your request and will advise you of what can be done and at what cost.

We know you will have a great time with our hot Thai escorts, please leave a review when your booking is completed.

Our Purpose

Bangkok VIP Escort Agency is a contact platform.  What we aim to do is put you in contact with escorts who are able to spend time with you.  They are your companions for a period of time.  We are a facilitator who, only aim is to arrange meetings. 

The fees and costs etc. are for the time you spend with the escort.  The escort once paid is expected to fulfill her part of the arrangement, to spend time with you.  Anything else that may occur is strictly between you and the escort.  We expect you to have a great time with our Hot Thai Escorts and we would love to see a review from you after your escort booking Bangkok is completed.

Enjoy your escort booking Bangkok
Enjoy your booking with our Hot Thai Escorts


Any services provided is by mutual agreement only.  Bangkok VIP Escorts cannot promise you that you and the escort will have a great time.  Personalities come in to play, where we have no control.  What we do expect from escort booking Bangkok is respect for our customers and we hope our escorts receive the same degree of respect from our customer.