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Escort Agency FAQ’s

Here the most common Escort Agency FAQ’s are listed here for you to review

Escort Agency FAQ's
Your escort agency FAQ’s

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions put to us.  When done, click here to take you back to the home page.

Frequently Asked Questions are those question we get asked all the time.  Here we try to answer some of those questions.  We cannot put every question here but the common ones are included.  The question are commonly related the Escort Agency FAQ’s.  What is legal what is not etc.  We will build this list over time and we hope to give you a comprehensive list of answer to your most common questions.  If you don’t find an answer to you question please use our contact us form and submit your question.  We will reply quickly to you and hopefully answer the question.

A. Yes, this is legal and no you are not breaking any laws.  We are simply presenting you with freelance individuals who take payment in exchange for the time they spend with you.

What escorts do when they are with you is their business and yours and has nothing to do with us.  As for you so long as you do not pay anyone under the age of 18 to be an escort yourself, you are fine.

All our escorts are over the age of 18 and we demand proof to that affect from each escort in our service.

A. On your booking we will ask you for your preferred meeting location.  Our preference is in your hotel room or your condo.  This is simply because of security concerns and our escort just feel more comfortable in these locations.  However we will arrange an meeting anywhere which is acceptable to the Escort and should your preferred location not be acceptable we are sure we can make alternative arrangements.

Typically your Escort will meet you at your room.  Make the booking, get the confirmation and then relax in anticipation.

A. Most agencies expect you to call.  We have a fully functioning on-line system.  You view the escort you desire, you can book the escort and we can communicate with you either by email or by text.  You can of course call us and ask for advise and we will be more than happy to assist you.

We understand that the first time can be a little nervous for you, but you can be assured we will make the whole process simple and as easy as possible.  Once the booking is confirmed, you will be given the contact number of the escort you have booked so that she and you can communicate regarding the meeting location etc.  There really is nothing to it, its simple straight forward and everything is done very discreetly.

Above all else relax and enjoy the experience with our service and escort right from the moment you make contact with us.

A. Yes, our escorts are open minded to accommodate this situation.  We would like to know in advance so that the escort is aware of the situation.  Please let us know if it is Boy/Boy or Boy/Girl scenario.

A. Yes, you can book more than 1 escort at a time, but please try to select those escorts that would be willing based on their profile.  There is no comprimise on the price, the prices are for each girl.


A. On the availability page and on the individual escorts page the calendar is there to show you what days the escort is available and also what hours the escort is available on a given day.  You can book directly from the Escorts home pages or from the availability page or directly on the booking form.  The Escorts availability is at their discretion and they decide on when to be available.

If you have a particular need for an Escort when she is unavailable, please contact us and we will see what can be done to meet your specific requirements.

A.  The rates for up to 12 hours is published on the escorts home page.  Beyond 12 hours we would ask some questions of you, such as the activities for you and the escort, if there is any travel arrangements and fares etc. that needs to be paid for.  Dependent on the circumstance, some payments maybe asked for in advance, such as air fares etc.  Some other expenses maybe requested in advance.  It is also expected that subsistence is to be paid by the client.  The escort may require 50% in advance of the arrange trip.

Whatever the arrangements, we will negotiate the deal on an individual basis.

A. We offer 1 hour, but seriously, is that enough.  Typically our customers would book 2 hours or more.

A. Typically we would advise that the escort will require 1 hour to get to your location.  This maybe longer, but we will try to advise your when you make your booking and advise us which girl you want to meet and your location.  Our online booking facility will not allow you to book an escort within 1 hour, the booking are made on the half hour.

So dependant upon availability and we suggest you go to our availability page and book there and the traffic conditions at the booked time assume 1 hour to get to your location.  The more notice you can give the better chance of our escort reaching you at the booked time.

A. Thai baht is the only payment accepted by the escorts and in cash.  Please be sure to pay the escort within 10 minutes of arriving to you.  Please do not make an embarrassing  situation by not having the payment ready.  Once paid, enjoy your time with the escort, she is there to please and to have a happy time with you.

Our agency is focussed in Thailand and therefore these FAQ’s are Thai specific.  Generally these FAQ’s are applicable across many nations, not all so please check.  Bangkok VIP Escorts Agency is a contact agency. You have a need for companionship, we have companions for you.  What we do to make contact, make arrangements,  Fundamentally that is it.  The escorts charge for their time.  It is their time you are paying for nothing else.  The escorts job is to spend time with you based on an agreed cost.  For our part, we do take a commission to cover the costs of our efforts to make the connection between you and the escort.

Your time with the escort is limited.  The agreed duration is fixed and payment has been made upon arrival of the escort.  We ask that you be prepared to pay for the service upon arrival of the escort.  We, under normal circumstances has already taken the deposit from you via our paypal account.  This deposit is non refundable.  Upon completion of the booking, this deposit becomes our commission from the escort.  If you cancel after paying the deposit, Bangkok VIP Escorts will retain the deposit and share with the escort as agreed.

You may expect additional service from the escort of a sexual nature.  Bangkok VIP Escorts does not promote such activities.  These additional services are by mutual consent of both the escort and the client.  Bangkok VIP Escorts expectation are solely based on the escort spending time with a client.  We are not and never will be responsible for anything other than the time that has been arranged.  Clients and escorts consent to activities independently of the Agency.

Should the escort fail to turn up for the appointment that has been made, and the deposit has been paid.  Bangkok VIP Escorts agency will upon confirmation, and without quibble, refund in full the deposit paid and will offer a new booking at a reduced price.  We want to ensure fairness in our transaction and we want to ensure honesty too.  We would like to think that our customers will return to us on a regular basis.  Any disappointments, we want to put things right.  We believe in customer care.

When the booking is complete, please submit a review of our service, the escort you booked and any other details.  We care about the reviews and we will acknowledge the reviews and use them in a proactive way to improve all aspects of our service to you.  At this time we are a new agency, we want to be the best agency and we will take on board any and all constructive comments.

Thank you for using Bangkok VIP Escorts Agency and we hope these FAQ’s and these comments have been useful.

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